Stump Jump House
This undergraduate competition was run in conjunction with the Centre for Subtropical Design, and sought to explore innovative ways of dealing with increasing population density, whilst maintaining our quality of life in Brisbane.

The proposal titled the ‘Stump Jump House’ utilised an existing ‘Queenslander’ house in New Farm, and asked, “How high is too high?” by proposing that the house be incrementally raised over a 20 year period until it reached 6 storeys in height. This provocative strategy sought to push the boundaries of legislated height limits within character housing areas, whilst providing a strategy for increased urban density in a subtropical city.

An article on the ‘Stump Jump House’ was published in The Courier Mail in June 2005, and the competition entry was subsequently displayed in the New Things exhibition at the 2006 Ideas Festival.

2004: Winner of the Brisbane City Council Subtropical Cities Competition

Project Details
Location: Brisbane, QLD
Completion Date: 2005