King George Square Competition
This open competition was run in 2006 by the Brisbane City Council.

Of the square’s numerous social functions, this proposal recognises one in particular, as being of utmost importance to the city of Brisbane. This is its role as a forum for the democratic voice of the people. King George Square (KGS) is the only space in the city of a civic scale that can facilitate mass public gatherings, public protests, marches and parades. Other open spaces in the city are oriented primarily toward entertainment, leisure and relaxation – namely the City Botanical Gardens, Southbank and the nearby Roma Street Gardens. KGS, however, is unique. While this scheme is accommodating of the site’s informal and everyday use for recreation, lunchtime respite and weekend markets, the primary role of KGS is identified as a political one.This is the site’s historical significance and its future relevance for the people of Brisbane.

Project Details
Location: Brisbane, QLD
Completion Date: 2006