Flood of Ideas – Stump Jump Flood House
The ‘Stump Jump Flood House’ is an experimental housing concept that combines The Queensland House with a floating jetty. It re-imagines the Brisbane City Council Subtropical Cities Competition winning entry, ‘Stump Jump House’, from 2005.

Inspired by the tragic events of the 2011 Queensland floods (where televised images showed timber houses torn loose from their stumps and carried along with the floodwater), the Stump Jump Flood House combines the light-weight nature of The Queensland House, with buoyancy technology used in jetty construction, to create a house that floats.

– Tall ‘stumps’ at the edges of the dwelling act as guides for the raised house, that allow it to rise with the floodwaters, and then, importantly, return to its original position as the floodwaters subside.
– These ‘stumps’ also support solar collectors and wind turbines for electricity generation, making our existing building stock more sustainable, and flood resistant.
– A water tank sits atop a vertical garden structure, above the maximum flood level, and provides the occupants with fresh drinking water should town water supply be interrupted.
– The additional height creates a covered ‘pontoon deck’ space under the house, reducing the building footprint, and saving our backyards!

The Stump Jump Flood House – if it floods, it floats.

The project was featured on the ‘Flood of Ideas’ website and exhibition, which opened at the State Library of Queensland in May 2011. See more projects at the website:


Project Details
Location: State Library of QLD
Exhibition Date: May 2011