Flinders Street Station Design Competition
This scheme builds upon the available edges of the competition site, to extend and “complete” the existing heritage-listed station building as a continuous architectural ribbon. The result is an iconic, unified architectural object: a complete “ring” building made up of diverse programmes and structures that are knitted into the site and around its various heritage structures. The proposal is unified by its singular use of colour and surface pattern, as well as its continuity with the formal architectural qualities of the existing Administration Building.

The proposal’s sculptural form also has an affinity with landscape due to its low, horizontal expression. This contrasts with the vertical tower forms of the city, creating a tangible break from Melbourne’s CBD grid. Its unity of form and the distribution of programme to the periphery of the site, also contradicts the centralised arrangement of the self-similar cluster of buildings that define the development of Federation Square. Instead, the proposal operates as a linear or strip development that activates the public edges of the site.

You can see the finalists and vote at Major Projects Victoria’s website:

Project Details
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Completion Date: 2012
Budget: n/a