St. Peter’s Station Platform for Art Competition
Rather than providing a definitive and final solution to the many questions raised by the renewal of the St. Peter’s Station site, for this competition, we suggested an alternative position. The proposal was to provide the framework, infrastructure and the opportunity on the site for others to create, build, display and intervene with their creative works in a public forum. The first stage of this initiative was to be realised via the competition, namely through the construction of the on-site infrastructure (including, a small studio pavilion, storage space, a billboard, lighting etc) and off-site management (a web page). Within this framework, artists, students, architects, landscape architects and community members would be able to submit proposals for creative works which occupy, add to, appropriate, re-interpret and modify the site for a set period of time – from one night events to temporary works and permanent installations – after which other artists will be invited to use the site, in a continuous cycle of creation and renewal.

As such, renewal on the site is not a ‘one-off’ event, but an inclusive process over time – one that builds on the site via temporary and permanent interventions, in cumulative layers of art, meaning, history and collective memory.

2003: St Peter’s Station Competition. Honourable Mention

Project Details
In Collaboration with: Ben Vielle
Location: Sydney, NSW
Completion Date: 2003
Client: Marrickville City Council
Budget: n/a