NOT FOR SALE: West End Interventions
Many Australians today are image consumers. We fail to question the importance of lifestyle imagery created and promoted by Real Estate Agencies whom have no actual part in the physical creation of house, or indeed the intimate making of “home” through our experiences of place. Real Estate markets dictate how, where, when and what we buy, while re-sale values, profit-making, and value-adding interfere with the crafting of a home over time as a tangible, individual, collaborative, and rich lived experience of dwelling.

The “NOT FOR SALE” proposal for the inner-city suburb of West End, was a response to, and critique of, the dominance of real estate forces that place a purely financial value upon our homes. Our strategy was to modify and re-code existing real estate signage to build on the rich tradition of anti-consumerist activist graffiti in West End, and as such, instigate a debate on the influential role of real estate forces in the making of homes in the suburb.

Project Details
In Collaboration with: Chris Brisbin, Dianne d’Alpiom Guedes, Matthew Dixon and Cathy Smith
Location: Brisbane, QLD
Completion Date: 2005