Brisbane City Hall Archaeology – Digital and Physical Model Project

PHAB was awarded Federal heritage grant, to make available to the public a permanent and easily accessible record of the archaeology uncovered during the restoration of Brisbane City Hall. To do this, we produced a 2-Dimensional drawing of the archaeology, which was then converted into a 1:50 scale physical model of the find, as well as a 3D-digital computer model.

The project was a collaboration between PHAB Architects, Model Consultants International, Ai3D and QUT – School of Design. It was supported through funding from the Australian Government’s Your Community Heritage Program.

The physical model has been installed within City Hall, and can be viewed when you book a guided tour of the City Hall building through the Museum of Brisbane. The digital model is available to the public for research and educational purposes. Please contact PHAB Architects to arrange access to this model.

Additional photos of the archaeological find and archival drawings are located here:
Brisbane City Hall Archaeology

Project Details
In Collaboration with:
Model Consultants International;
QUT-School of Design
Location: Brisbane, QLD
Completion Date: December 2013
Photos: PHAB Architects / BCC /
Model Consultants International
Images: Ai3D